Michael Kors thinks it’s “wrong” that people believe models “can wear anything”.

The American fashion designer is famed for having smiling models in his catwalk shows.

Michael prefers the mannequins on his runways to feel comfortable in their clothing – rather than putting them in something he feels fitting.

“I get asked all the time how it is the girls look happy in my shows. It’s because I spend aaaages thinking about which outfit will suit them best. Sometimes I’ll try a girl in seven, eight, nine looks before I hit the right one for her. People say, ‘But Michael, they’re models, they can wear anything.’ Wrong,” he explained to British newspaper The Telegraph.

“There’s one great model who has really short legs. You can see when women – and that includes models, by the way – feel good in what they’re wearing. Their posture changes. And so does their mood.”

Michael realises the importance of social media in today’s society. The 53-year-old star likes interacting with budding fashionistas day-to-day and at special events.

“Twitter’s the new trunk show,” he observed. “I get women posting pictures of themselves all the time and asking me what I think.”

Michael encourages clients to spend on another brand if he doesn’t feel his clothes flatter them.

“When I was in my teens and twenties I was a mad, crazy shopper. I understand that rush. I know what the rustle of tissue paper does to the pulse. I get the promise of transformation,” he explained.

“I know what it’s like to want to look thinner.” – COVER MEDIA