Marios Schwab thinks trends are “extremely unimaginative”.

The designer understands stylish women the world over want to show they are up to date with what’s hot, but has begged them not to slavishly follow what they read in magazines. He hates seeing unflattering items become favourites and has spoken about looks he particularly dislikes.

“I generally find trends extremely unimaginative and I particularly don’t like fake suspender stockings and photographic prints,” he told GraziaDaily.

“[I would advise people to] read fashion, not just dress the look, I like women who shape their own imagination around what fashion is, especially when there is so little individuality nowadays.”

Marios also wants women to understand there is no one look they should aspire to. He is keen for the idea of beauty to be redefined, especially as some people who are pretty aren’t the kind he would like to spend time with.

“Beauty can be seen in so many ways and it can be distracting, painfully boring and superficial, yet the actual moments of creating can be so deep and meaningful,” he said.

The designer has big plans for the future and is hoping to expand in 2013. His red carpet dresses have become a major hit, meaning he is considering improving that aspect of his business.

“Continue to travel with the collection to new and existing territories to put on catwalk shows. What better way for people to become excited about the brand than to see it in motion in front of them on a catwalk?” he replied, when asked what his plans are. “Marios Schwab pieces are so well requested for VIP dressing that we are planning to expand our made to measure and private client dressing over the coming seasons as well as expand our evening wear offer.” – COVER MEDIA