Fashion: Mario Testino shoots youthful Fabergé picturesFabergé want their latest campaign to capture the “energy” of youth. The brand have unveiled their second photoshoot helmed by Mario Testino.

The spring campaign is aimed at a younger, edgier audience. It features Josh Fabergé, a great-great grandson of the jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé, Josh’s cousin Melanie de Pouqueville, and sisters Nina and Sophia Flohr.

All the models are wearing a variety of the label’s classic egg pendants, which have a starting price of $3,500.

The photographs were shot in black and white at the exclusive Saville Club in Mayfair. The Flohr models are the daughters of creative and managing director of Fabergé, Katharina Flohr.

“We wanted to convey the energy and youthfulness of the brand and talk to a younger audience — and a male one, too,” Katharina told WWD. “These kids have been in and out of our office in London with their friends, and it’s the eggs that they are always attracted to.”

The images will be released in spring in magazines such as Love. The first pictures Mario Testino took for the brand featured Lithuanian model Beegee Margenyte. It showed the classic, higher-end range of opulence that is commonly associated with the brand. © COVER MEDIA