The Yellow Dragon ring

Priced between US$11 million (S$13.44 million) and US$15 million, from Vihari Jewels 

This is the largest and most expensive diamond ever to be shown at the Singapore JewelFest.

This ring, by the home-grown jeweller, carries a fancy 110-carat vivid yellow diamond carved from a 323-carat rough diamond.


STdarlene.jpgDarlene sapphire necklace

Priced at $65,838, from Lee Hwa Jewellery

Set on an 18K gold necklace, 26 blue sapphires totalling 29.93 carats are embellished with diamonds of 3.92 carats. 

This would go perfectly with a strapless gown.



STimperial.jpgImperial Necklace

Priced at US$1 million (S$1.21 million), from Zydo Italy

Look like a million bucks in this regal piece that showcases 11 certified top-range D/E/F colour diamonds totalling 74.11 carats set on an 18K whitegold necklace.




STdragon.jpgDragon Bracelet

Priced at $28,000, from The Jewel Box

The dragon on this 18K rose gold bangle is made of amethyst and 7.05 carats of diamonds.

Wear this with a cheongsam for an extra dash of Chinoiserie chic.



STsnowwhite.jpgSnow White Princess Diamond Watch

Priced at $8.8 million, from Mouawad

This showstopper from the American jeweller is crafted from 18K white gold and 233 colourless diamonds totalling 106.93 carats.




STmorganite.jpgMorganite necklace

Priced at $65,888, from Goldheart Jewelry

Seven pink morganite stones, totalling 24.79 carats, add a touch of femininity to this elaborate 17.32-carat diamond necklace.




STstarofjolie.jpgStyle of Jolie Pear Shape Citrine Necklace

Priced at US$45,000 (S$54,960), from Miiori New York

The epitome of glamour, this necklace was designed by actress Angelina Jolie and renowned American jewellery designer Robert Procop.

All profits from this piece will go to Jolie’s charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which benefits children in areas of conflict.

The golden pear-shaped citrine is a whopping 161.10 carats. It is strung on a necklace of smaller citrines – totalling 25.32 carats – that are set in a cushion-cut design.


STjadenecklace.jpgJade necklace

Priced at $26,800, from TianPo Jewellery

This elaborate rose gold bib necklace is made up of 58 pieces of grade A jade – meaning the stones are natural and unheated – and diamonds totalling 2.49 carats.



Photos: Zydo, The Jewel Box, Miiori New York, TianPo, Ihari Jewels, Mouawad, Lee Hwa, Goldheart

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