Photo: Maje

“Denim is democratic and global, everyone wears denim wherever you come from, whatever socio-professional category you belong to and whichever year you were born in. It’s also synonym with freedom. I love denim – you can wear it from day to evening, it’s versatile and cool, it’s easy to wear and to mix, it goes beyond trends and even beyond fashion,” Judith Milgrom, founder of Maje, said in an exclusive interview with Her World. 

However, Maje recognises that denim is also one of the most wasteful materials to produce. And so, titled “First Stone”, Maje has launched a sustainable 7-piece (mostly) denim capsule collection in a step towards eco-friendly fashion. 

Photos: Maje

The meaning of “first stone” is two-fold — not only does it represent the ​French label’s first step towards ethical fashion, it also illustrates the brand’s new stone-wash technique that reduces water usage by up to 95%, chemicals by up to 50%, and energy by up to 79%. ” It’s not perfect but it’s a start – the first stone. All this without sacrificing style nor fit.,” Milgrom said.

“The process uses laser finishing and air to obtain eco-friendly results. In addition, technological advancements like laser printing patterns onto the textiles and aging denim with natural gases have made large strides in this production process.”

Maje is continuing its next steps as we speak. All jeans in its S/S ’20 collection will adopt the eco-wash technique and the brand is also evaluating other parts of the production process which have potential to become more sustainable, such as packaging and transport. 

Read on for our full interview with Judith Milgrom where we learn more about her passion for denim and style tips for office-appropriate denim. 

Photo: Maje

1. Other than being eco-friendly, what is the design philosophy/inspiration behind First Stone?
I really wanted the capsule to have a natural balance of strong pieces such as the fringed jacket mixed with easier to wear pieces like the pants or shorts. We also used 2 different tones of colour to create a more graphic style.

2. What can we expect after “First Stone”?
We won’t stop with denim. We have started to develop other areas in a more sustainable way. We are working to evaluate other elements in the production process that we believe we can make more sustainable; wool, cotton, viscose, to name a few. We are already using recycled wool, organic cotton, and eco-friendly viscose in select items and we stopped using real fur in our collections.

3. What is your go-to way to style denim?
Denim is really easy to wear. A full denim look can work just as well as when it is mixed. Moreover, it’s not a seasonal fabric. You can mix it with wool,  thick knits and leather boots for winter, and wear it on the skin with a bodysuit, a tee-shirt or a shirt when it gets warmer. Denim is practical but it can also be sexy if you pair it with high heels and an unbuttoned shirt.

4. What are your top three favourite pieces from this collection?

Definitely the high waisted shorts that I can easily wear for winter with high boots, wool stockings, a knit sweater and a cape or poncho. The pants with a pair of sneakers and a sweater for a relaxed weekend or a masculine shirt paired with a blazer and a pair of high heels sandals. And last but not least, the fringed jacket because it looks effortlessly cool!

5. How would you style denim to make it office-appropriate?
Denim trousers with a knit sweater, V line on the skin is always sensual with a leather biker jacket or blazer, and high leather boots always works.


The First Stone collection is now available at the Maje MBS store.