WATCH VIDEO: Rachel Lim enthuses on the emotional power of clothes while we raid her closet for style tips!

The first of our Her Wardrobe series sees us being invited by our fave personalities to have a girls’ hangout inside their well-curated closets, where they share with us shopping stories (remorse buys included!), style tips and fashion hacks. This week, Love, Bonito’s Rachel Lim gets our love

Each week, we  barge our way into (okay, they did let us enter) the homes of popular stylish women in Singapore, all in the hopes of getting the low-down on their very enviable - and well-filled - closets.   

First up, we take an exclusive peek into Rachel Lim’s wardrobe.  


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The hugely popular and successful co-founder of fashion label Love, Bonito is no stranger to us, and we can’t wait to find out how she looks effortlessly put-together all the time.


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Here’s what you can expect from Part One (yes, there is a Part Two - sometimes we believe that more is more!) of our venture into her glorious walk-in wardrobe: Her favourite piece, how often she updates her wardrobe, her most sentimental item (hint: it’s pink!), her go-to travel outfit, and… get this: Her best-kept secret to staying so on point all the time? Changing her wardrobe every three to four months.


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For other closet secrets from Rachel’s wardrobe, click play.


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