Louis Vuitton showed a glamorous collection based on seductive sleepwear at Paris Fashion Week. Models walked the runway clad in slinky nighties, comfortable pyjama-style bottoms and both long and short bathrobes.

Creative director Marc Jacobs aimed to show a Fall/Winter 13 line that made staying in look as appealing as going out.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 makes sleepwear glamorous
Louis Vuitton Fall 2013. All images: Showbit

“All dressed up and nowhere to go,” he laughed to Vogue.co.uk after the show.

“She’s so many different women; there’s a certain decadence, she likes luxury, she’s kind of bored. It’s a mix of many eras; there’s some Gloria Swanson and a lot Hollywood. It’s friends of mine who were in the show, but who will remain nameless.”

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013Walking in the show was Marc’s supermodel pal Kate Moss (right), who donned a black, curly wig and floated down the runway in a sheer floral dress.

One particularly sexy look featured models sauntering down the runway in super-short dressing gowns, tied at the waist and paired with bare legs.

A more demure outfit featured a long skirt and elegant jacket in white and spattered with a pink floral print, like a pattern one might see on old-fashioned sleepwear.

Satin and lace were also a big look, appearing on baggy pyjama bottoms, as well as buttoned-up sleep shirts and slinky nightdresses. Velvet also appeared later in the collection, adding an extra touch of luxury to the pieces on offer.

At the more daring end of the spectrum, underwear also made it onto the catwalk, appearing in the form of gorgeous bralets and peeking out under transparent dresses.

The overall feel was that of a beautifully elegant, feminine and seductive collection that would look just as good outside of the bedroom as in it.