Photo: Plain Supplies

Being an entrepreneur in the cutthroat fashion business is no walk in the park. From problems such as a lack of capital to high production costs and difficulties getting good manufacturers and distributors, launching a line of your own is a high risk venture that requires creativity, hard work and boldness. These days however, aspiring fashion companies have found a way to slide into the market in a relatively more risk-free manner. We’re talking about Kickstarter.

An American public-benefit corporation that was launched in 2009, this global crowdfunding platform is an ingenious idea — rather than going about traditional routes of funding like getting loans from banks or equity financing to give their business a boost of life, newly established companies can now see their creative ideas come into reality by getting an online community to back them with funds.

Of course, launching a product on Kickstarter is not always a sure-win thing. Plenty have tried and failed to get the support they needed. That said, the platform has enabled a number of companies to get off the ground in Singapore. If you’re done getting your hauls from fast fashion brands such as Zara or H&M, here are nine brands you should be looking out for, because we should always #supportlocal.