The superstar took to Facebook over the weekend to explain that her song "Fashion of his Love" off her new album Born this Way is about the relationship she shared with the late designer.

In what seem to be deeply personal lyrics, Gaga describes how McQueen’s work and personality helped her overcome insecurities ("I never was the kind of girl/That’s naturally sure/I was insecure"), before she — like all fans of the designer — was shattered by the news of his death last year: "But baby must have reached his death/No more reason to cry or to justify/How I feel for you/My love..No I just can’t seem to forget you," she writes.

Towards the end, the singer wipes out any doubts who the song is about, saying: "I’m physically crafted to be/As fitting as McQueen."

The song has been ‘Like’d over 35,000 times and attracted more than 5,000 comments so far. Listen to "Fashion of his Love" at — AFP RELAXNEWS