Lady Gaga is ‘only star’ worthy of meat gown

Yes, we're still talking about the meat dress. Even after she arrived in an egg at the Grammys.

Franc Fernandez says he “has a voice” since creating Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress.

The LA based designer collaborated with the singing sensation’s stylist Nicola Formichetti to create her infamous 2010 MTV Video Music Award’s dress that was made entirely of meat. Franc says since masterminding the bizarre attire, he has become more recognised in the fashion world.

“I feel like I have a voice now as an artist and as a designer. I also have a voice to help other designers,” he told StyleList.

The Argentinean-raised fashionista says it was stressful to work backstage at the music event, as he was sewing on pieces of meat while Lady Gaga was already wearing the dress. He has admitted however, that he was un-fazed by the stressful situation.

“I really work best under pressure and working with meat as a material requires you to do it last minute,” he explained.

The dress was made from a Spanish meat called matambre. It was perfect to create the gown with as it was oily and easy to work with. Despite its innovative and shocking allure, Franc has revealed that he wouldn’t create anything like it again, as he thinks only the fashion-forward songstress can pull it off.

“No, I wouldn't. Lady Gaga is the only pop star I'd create a dress like that for,” he stated.

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