La Putri showcases majestic Althea neckpiece for its 40th anniversary

Singapore jeweller La Putri aims to capture the essence of the supreme Asian dragon in its special 40th anniversary Althea neckpiece

To commemorate 40 years of heritage in fine jewellery making, Singapore jeweller La Putri presents the majestic Althea neckpiece. This neckpiece is a symbol of La Putri’s position as a dedicated jeweller for Asia’s elite and royal families, defined in the splendour of the detail in the powerful dragon design.

La Putri Althea gold dragon neckpiece DECOR

To capture the ferocity and sophistication of the dragon, La Putri’s Chief Designer Ms Goh Ying Li had spent over six months pouring through pictures of various dragons. Attention was focused on every meticulous detail to give birth to an impressive neckpiece that brings the most supreme creature of Asian culture to life, says the brand.

Ms Goh Shuet Li, Director of La Putri, explains the significance of the Althea neckpiece: “Inspired by the vision of a graceful dragon soaring through the clouds on a stormy day, Althea symbolizes courage, strength, resilience and fluidity. The necklace immortalizes the regal and dignified presence of the mythical creature, yet the rich details on the necklace and the masterful craftsmanship make the exquisite piece, at once, luxurious, delicate and extremely wearable. This is definitely a piece of fine jewellery for a woman who has presence and is not afraid to express her individuality”.

Crafted purely from 18K white and yellow gold, the Althea neckpiece is a piece of refined jewellery weighing over 600 grams. Every scale is textured, with the gold body of the dragon forming a perfect contour to embrace the wearer’s neck.

Special emphasis has been placed on the eyes of the dragon, with the careful placement of unique yellow diamonds to breathe life and ferocity into the mythical creature. Finally, the underside of the dragon’s head and tail features a symbolic hexagonal pattern called “Lok Hup” in Cantonese, which is meant to endow blessings of luck to the wearer of the Althea neckpiece.

La Putri’s Althea neckpiece was unveiled to the public at the Singapore International Jewellery Expo held at Marina Bay Sands from July 4 to 7, 2013. The Althea neckpiece is now available at the La Putri Singapore boutique located at Mandarin Gallery #02-15, Tel: 6733 3345. For more information on La Putri’s jewellery collection, go to