Kate Moss proud of experimental lookKate Moss says growing up in the suburbs of London made her more “audacious” with fashion.

The supermodel was born in Croydon, south London. She has always been willing to take risks when it comes to clothes and she is regularly praised for her trendsetting outfits.

Kate never felt at a disadvantage for living in Greater London when she was younger, claiming it inspired her to stand out.

“When you don’t grow up in the centre of a capital, you gain style with experience. In Croydon, I dressed myself as I felt I should,” she told the French edition of Elle. “You are more audacious when you are away from the big cities. We like to be different. The sense of style, you have to learn it. Especially if your passion is fashion. I learnt everything from my mum’s wardrobe. If I had a piece of advice for people it would be: make it simple!”

Kate also imparted some words of wisdom to spice up the classic little black dress.

The 38-year-old star relies on accessories to brighten up an outfit and particularly loves to “play with shoes”.

Having been in the fashion industry since she was spotted in 1988 aged just 14, Kate has amassed an impressive clothing collection.

She is proud of her eclectic wardrobe and is reluctant to part with anything just in case her nine-year-old daughter Lila Grace wants to wear it one day.

“I moved recently so I had to ‘edit’ [my wardrobe],” she added. “I have separated the seasons, but I didn’t throw away anything, because I always imagine that my daughter could ask me later, ‘Where is your beautiful jumper that I would love to wear?’ I wouldn’t have the courage to tell her that I threw it away.”