Kate Middleton may be expanding around the middle, but the Duchess of Cambridge, who is close to seven months pregnant, is still making the best-dressed list in a parade of stylish maternity outfits.

American news website The Huffington Post named the 31-year-old on its weekly Best-Dressed List last month – alongside actress Jennifer Lawrence and singer Christina Aguilera.

Her choices are being praised by fashion experts here too. Here, four fashion experts give their verdicts on four of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits.

What: A peach coat by Canadian fashion designer Tara Jarmon, who is based in Paris, with a matching tailor-made dress

Kate Middleton maternity wear

Fashion stylist and fashion show producer Jerome Awasthi, 32, says:
“She looks like a glowing mother, very gorgeous. Although she has adapted this outfit to fit her pregnant figure, it is very in tune with her style. It is effortless.”


What: Polka-dot dress by British high-street brand Topshop

Kate Middleton maternity wear

Fashion designer Jo Soh, 37, says:
“I love the polka-dotted dress. It is simple, classic and fun. Her look would appear fresher if she had worn the dress with bright pops of colour – a scarlet red jacket or cardigan, magenta shoes and a bag with patterns – instead of pairing it with black.”


What: Sophia Visconti Bloom silk dress by Britain-based label Erdem

Kate Middleton maternity wear

Fashion designer and stylist Vik Lim, 47, says:
“The arrangement of prints on the sides of the dress creates a slimming effect. But this looks like something that has mass appeal. Given her position, I would expect her to opt for a number that is a bit more high-brow. Perhaps she is trying to be approachable to the masses.”


What: Bespoke cocktail dress by Britain-based New Zealand fashion designer Emilia Wickstead

Kate Middleton maternity wear

Fashion designer Hayden Ng, 47, says:
“She looks modern, chic yet approachable. Not so outlandish that a layman or royal would not approach her. It is befitting her position. Simple and subtle.”



This article was originally published on May 5, 2013 at The Straits Times.com. Read the full article here.