Karl Lagerfeld wanted body doubleKarl Lagerfeld once thought about hiring a body double to avoid his “bottom [being] pinched” by fans.

The famous designer apparently considered finding a lookalike to avoid being groped by the public. The 78-year-old’s muse and collaborator Amanda Harlech described the ways in which the Chanel boss tried to conceal himself.

“He doesn’t like having his bottom pinched,” she told Elle magazine in an interview with Lagerfeld.

“[He wanted a body double] like a decoy. Or sometimes, he might say, ‘Maybe I should wear a hat,’ but it never really gets beyond a thought.”

Karl himself revealed that despite certain downsides, he will never tire of the fashion industry. The German-born designer insisted that clothes and couture are in his blood.

“I’m born for fashion and I will never have enough. As long as I love clothes. No, I hate to think that people will have enough. Why should one have enough of fashion?” he mused.

He also insisted that age doesn’t make a difference to his work. Now in his eighth decade, the designer dismissed ageism as another form of racism.

“I wouldn’t be here if it were that hard, huh? But why this obsession with age? It’s like a kind of racism,” he said.