The inimitable creative genius of Chanel has taken a step into the “selfie” culture by directing an ad campaign that is “selfie”-inspired.

Jamie Bochert (left) snaps a Lagerfeld-directed selfie with Nadja Bender. Images: ©Karl Lagerfeld for Maison Michel

It features models Jamie Bochert and Nadja Bender taking “selfies” of themselves — under the direction of Lagerfeld, of course — as they pose in hats designed by Kaiser Karl for Parisian millinery Maison Michel for the Spring Summer 2015 season.

#MaisonMichelByKarlLagerfeld features five hats made with black rabbit felt and straw hats with black grosgrain ribbons — all named after the rock star designer‘s favourite models of the moment.

The Kendall (Jenner) features a large brim, while the Karlie (Kloss), Anja (Rubik), Cara (Delevingne) and Poppy (Delevingne) are adorned with mini-veils in lace or mesh.

The pieces will go on sale from mid-February 2015 in Maison Michel price points.