Iconic fashion designer Karl Largerfeld is well known for making eccentric comments. 

He’s now turned interviewer for a magazine, sitting down for a talk with former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. The pair are good friends and touched on a variety of topics, including family.

“You have beautiful, intelligent children and they give you stability and credibility in the eyes of others,” Karl remarked to Carine in Interview magazine.

“You’re also lucky because they are very beautiful. It would have been difficult to have an ugly daughter … The care you take in your children gives a balance to your life. I think it accentuates your talent.

“I know some stylists who are like that [lose touch with reality] and it’s sad. If I were a woman, I would love to have lots of kids. But for men, I don’t believe in it.”

The pair also discussed beauty and what makes a successful model. Karl revealed he’s always drawn to women who aren’t conventionally attractive as he believes it makes them hungrier for success.

“For example, during the golden age of movie stars, there were plenty of actresses who were deemed unattractive at the start of their careers, but struggled and finally appeared more beautiful and more iconic. 

“Sometimes that idea of being truly iconic has something to do with not necessarily being beautiful and thus trying harder,” he mused. “Some who aren’t the most beautiful end up becoming the greatest of all time.” © COVER MEDIA