Karl Lagerfeld has announced a Chanel bag shown this week is his answer to a beach drying rack.

The creative director of the high fashion label showed his Spring/Summer 13 line at Paris Fashion Week. Among the over-sized pearls and voluminous sleeves was a giant bag made of two rings, connected by white fabric.

Karl has confirmed he came up with the item when thinking of what fashionable women need on holiday.

“For the beach. You need space for the beach towel, huh? And then you can put it into the sand and hang things on it,” he told telegraph.co.uk.

Karl opened up more about the line, which was devoid of some of the touches Chanel is known for. The logo was rarely spotted and the whole aesthetic seemed updated – which was the look he was going for.

“I hope so because energy should always be new. There is no old energy. You can’t stock energy. You can for electricity, but not for creativity,” he said.

“I got the pearls and oversized them and over displayed them because I removed… the classic Chanel button [from the jacket], I put no bows, I put no quilted handbags so it has to be that instantly people can identify as Chanel. And I think it looks very Chanel without having all those very lovely commonplaces.” – COVER MEDIA