The “oversize” style has been given a lot of love by fashionistas around the world, including those at the cutting-edge of K-Pop fashion like actresses Lee Yoon Ji, Gang Sora, Kim Min Hee, Yoon Eun Hye and singer Uhm Jung Hwa. The style looks like it will last too, all the way through 2014.

K-Fashion trend Oversize look still big for 2014 DECOR MAINImages: Stylenanda & bntnews DB

Seventies’ retro styled “oversize’ is back on trend according to K-Fashion pundits, so now it’s time for you to create your own version.

The beauty of this fashion trend is the layering and mixing ‘n’ matching. You can create a chic look with a boxy, oversized coat, or go funky in a boxy jumper jacket. Just make sure you balance out the “big” with something small, like a skinny jean or pencil skirt.


K-Fashion trend Oversize look still big for 2014 DECOR CHICImages: Stylenanda & bntnews DB

The best part of the “oversize” look is that you can easily create a chic style with it. One of the items that many fashionable celebrities enjoy wearing for public events is a simple oversized coat. Actress Kim Min Hee created a chic, urban style with her plaid oversized coat. She stylishly matched her long coat with ivory ankle pants, adding a classic feel and keeping to the theme of opposites. Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye’s bold plaid coat worn for a movie VIP premiere also caught many eyes and is one her favorite fashion items as it itself creates a chic, urban style.


K-Fashion trend Oversize look still big for 2014 DECOR FUNKYImages: Stylenanda & bntnews DB

Loose-fitting pieces are best to create a free-spirited funky style. Oversized jumpers especially are many fashion people’s favourite go-to item for creating this funky street look. You can easily create a stylish “bad girl” look by matching an oversized leather jacket with skinny jeans. Then make it more unique and trendier with accessories like a hat. Singer Uhm Jung Hwa showed off a chic black look wearing a loose-fit rider jacket with black skinny jeans. She made her look even more chic with a silver clutch bag. Actress Gang Sora also matched a loose-fitting jacket with black leather skinny jeans. She added colour to her all-black look by wearing a red plaid muffler.


K-Fashion trend Oversize look still big for 2014 DECOR UNIQUEImages: Stylenanda & bntnews DB

You don’t deserve the title “fashionista” if a big coat is the only thing that pops into your head when you hear the word “oversize”. From pants to sweaters, there are various oversized pieces you can use to create a cute, vintage look; try big overalls or baggy pants. Actress Lee Yoon Ji above is an excellent example. She matched her boxy ripped overalls with a black sweater adding edge to her retro look with a black hat and colorful clutch.

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