If you want to give an accent to simple look, especially in winter, then pay attention to the colour red just like your favourite Korean actresses and K-Pop stars do. Red is an attractive colour that is both sexy and intense; just like they are.

K-Fashion trend Accent a simple look with the colour red DECOR

Depending on the items you matched with it, red can create a variety of feelings. For example, a mix of red and black creates sexiness while a mix of red and white creates lovely, more feminine feeling.

Red is even more popular during winter ‒ something to remember if you’re travelling to cooler climes. As the end of the year gets closer, more people try to use the colour red in their outfits say Korean stylists. Just by simply choosing to use red, you can create a look that captures people’s attention; just like actresses Kim Min Hee, Park Ji Yoon, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Yoo Mi and K-Pop star Tiffany from Girl’s Generation.


K-Fashion trend Accent a simple look with the colour red DECOR INDEX 100Image: Stylenanda & Wstarnews DB

If you are a fashionable person who loves red, try wearing an all-red look. Drastic styling that coordinates red items from top to bottom adds the the stylishness say Korean fashionistas. Kim Min Hee, who is famous for her fashion styling, got a lot of attention wearing an all-red look at the VIP premiere of the movie ‘Way Back Home.’ With the red colored knitwear, she matched a navy striped skirt, flaunting her sensible fashion sense. Even though color was same, she maintained the balance of the overall look by mixing in different materials. In contrast, Park Ji Yoon presented a more mannish look by wearing a red suit. Matching red pants with a red jacket that exposed the back, she accomplished the chic and cosmopolitan look.


K-Fashion trend Accent a simple look with the colour red DECOR INDEX 50Image: Stylenanda & Wstarnews DB

If you want to wear red with a more chic and refined touch, then mixing up red with black is recommended. By adding the black to the red, you will be able to emphasise a more refined fee. Actress Kim Tae Hee wore a black transparent top with a red striped skirt, presenting a very elegant and feminine look. Red is also useful for giving off a more lively and unique vibe. Red and black checks add a casual feeling. Actress Jung Yoo Mi demonstrated her refined style sense by wearing red checked t-shirt with black fur-vest.


K-Fashion trend Accent a simple look with the colour red DECOR INDEX 30Image: Stylenanda & Wstarnews DB

If you feel like the colour red is too intense try using it only as an accent. Adding a red scarf or bag is one way to add some red to your look without going over the top. When wearing an all-black look, adding a red accessory can give a touch of liveliness to the whole look. Tiffany from Girl’s Generation wore all-black wit a black fur jacket and skinny jeans but added a dash of colour with a red shoulder bag to break it up. If you want to be super fashion-forward, try using  a red shirt. Layering red under a black coat or makes your streetstyle sensibility stand out.

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