Joanna Coles likes smart womenJoanna Coles enjoys working with “smart, young women”.

The British star recently left her job as editor of America’s Marie Claire magazine to helm Cosmopolitan. She is a big figure in the fashion industry and was the designers’ mentor on Project Runway All Stars.

Joanna has worked hard to get where she is and enjoys seeing other young women who are just as ambitious.

“I like being a boss. It’s fun working with smart, young women. They’re so much more together than I was at that age. Thank God!” she laughed to

The editor remains passionate about magazines in an age when many have termed them a dying breed. She is looking forward to bringing her stamp to Cosmopolitan, which had over three million readers in the first half of the year.

“I think the size of it is testament to its relevance. It’s the biggest women’s magazine in the world,” she said.

“What magazines do is curate: we give accurate and trustworthy information. If you have a problem, it’s very difficult to go to the web and get accurate information… magazines at their best should be an incredible voyage of discovery.”