Jason Wu says felines are chic because it’s “called a catwalk not a dog walk”.

The designer is famously pro cats and has two of his own. He also used the animals as his muse when creating his line with Target and is in no doubt that they are the fashionable pet of choice.

“I’m changing that,” he replied, when Fashionista said cat lovers are sometimes viewed as “creepy”. “Cats are chic! It’s called a catwalk not a dog walk.”

Jason has created a lower priced line called Miss Wu, which includes miniskirts and shift dresses for the fashionable younger woman.

Although kittens don’t feature in the collection, which is due out next year, he hasn’t ruled out using them as inspiration again in the future.

“I think there’s always going to be [cats in fashion], you know, just like stripes and prints, that’s so Jason Wu!” he laughed. “I love animals, I love the idea of a little whimsy and a little character. Creating Miss Wu is about creating character where you can see how she lives… maybe she’ll get a cat in the future… she’s a cat person for sure.”

Miss Wu will be available at department store Nordstrom exclusively.

Watch the Jason Wu for Target commercial that featured a black cartoon cat below.