Isabel Marant prefers “imperfection” to anything “overly sexy”.

The French fashion designer is known for her chic and feminine designs.

However, the fashion mogul says it’s important to always keep the balance between contrasting ideas.

“I’m very boyish and I can be very feminine at the same time. I like contrasting things. I don’t like it when things are perfect; I like imperfection. I like sexiness, but I don’t like the first degree of it – the overly sexy, which, for me, is very vulgar,” she explained to Into The Gloss.

“I’m very sensitive about the shoulders and legs. I like the fragility of the woman, but I like a strong woman at the same time. I think I try to put those two ideas together. I don’t like the image of a woman being just a sex object. I’ve always loved those feminist women that were strong and fighting, proving that they are equal to men… I’m a woman – I’ve got a kid, I’ve got a husband, but I also have my work.”

When it comes to her own style, Isabel is very low maintenance and prefers to leave the house fresh-faced.

The 45-year-old is married to handbag designer Jérôme Dreyfuss and believes he prefers her without a lot of make-up.

“When I get ready in the morning, I’m doing as little as possible. I don’t really have time. I rarely wear make-up,” she confessed.

“I only colour my hair a tiny bit. I go once a year to get a little bit of colour, but I’m never covering it; I just do some lighter shades because I’m quite brunette but I have a lot of grey hair. I don’t have time to go to the hairdresser all the time, so if I dyed it, I would have roots, which is really ugly. So, I just do a tiny, lighter thing where my gray hairs are mixed into the darker hair underneath. It looks a bit sad if I don’t lighten it… I think my husband likes that I don’t really do anything with make-up or hair. I think.” – COVER MEDIA