Isaac Mizrahi misses the oversized “manish” clothes from the ‘90s.

The designer is a big fan of fashions from the era. He believes the market is now saturated with tight clothing.

“I love big clothes on people. Manish clothes like big shoulders…,” he told StyleList.

“What I miss about that which I wish would come back is that kind of easy fit where people can be in clothes that aren’t so tight all the time.”

While he likes tailored fashions, Isaac thinks there should be more variety of big and small. However he thinks fashion is starting to take a new turn.

“I like tight clothes but I like the option of having some oversized pieces. For the past 20 years you can’t wear anything that isn’t skin tight or tailored or small,” he said.

“And now I think things are easing up. What I don’t miss about that is the kind of tailored piece. I don’t love tailored men’s jackets on women that much.”

Isaac’s designs have been worn by the likes of Nicole Kidman, Selma Blair, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Debra Messing and Natalie Portman.

He recently designed three limited edition sets of packaging for condoms in collaboration with Proper Attire and Planned Parenthood. He has also launched a new collection of footwear with Marc Fisher Footwear. – © Cover Media