Using top-quality raw materials like silver, gold and natural gems combined with traditional jewellery craftsmanship, Singapore artisan jeweller Lauryn Tan creates intricate accessories with a vintage feel.

My Vintage Jewelbox DECOR BUBBLES RING
My Vintage Jewelbox Bubbles ring with lemon quartz by Lauryn Tang

“Inspired by nature and all things vintage, my jewelry breaks away from conventional styles to emerge in organic forms and hand-forged textures,” says Lauryn. “My love for nature has also influenced my choice of colors and gems – bending towards lively yet timeless colors and incorporating raw natural gems.”

This “natural” style is particularly obvious in pieces like the Branch ring and Pod earrings, which look almost like real objects from nature, especially with the delicate green gemstones attached.

My Vintage Jewelbox DECOR BRANCH RING
My Vintage Jewelbox DECOR POD EARRINGS
My Vintage Jewelbox Branch II ring in silver & gold (above top) and Pod earrings in silver with peridot stones (above) by Lauryn Tang

“[I] guess you can say I was a closet-creative for quite awhile before finally deciding to do this full-time,” explains Lauryn. “Having worked in the corporate world for over 10 years, the wake-up call came when I was retrenched.

“Mix that together with finding my mum’s loose jade pieces, reading Robin Sharma’s The Monk who sold his Ferrari, and stumbling upon a ring-making workshop, next thing I know, I finally found what some call a ‘life’s calling’. That was in 2009.”

You can find Lauryn’s brand, My Vintage Jewelbox, on her website. Prices range from only $38 for the quirky Fav Word rings – you can choose a word to be engraved on an ultra-slim silver or gold band – to around $260 for items like the Braille wedding bands that have the word ‘love’ encoded via gold beads on the rings.

You can also contact Lauryn directly to have a piece customised; on the website are examples of some of the more extravagant pieces she’s created previously. “A variety of loose gemstones are available for selection or we can help you source for that special gem for your [piece],” says Lauryn.

So, if you’re looking for a special piece of jewellery for a very special occasion, or if you are simply looking for something that’s going to stand out from the usual run-of-the-mill jewellery accessories, try something from My Vintage Jewelbox.

For more information about Lauryn Tang’s jewellery and to shop online, go to You can also get the latest updates from and contact Lauryn directly via the website to order a custom piece by going to