If you’re even a little bit interested in fashion you know your iconic bags, including of course, Fendi’s Baguette. Created in 1997 by Silvia Venturini Fendi it immediately became a cult classic, the small but luxurious bag carried comfortably under the arm (like the baguette bread it was named for) that every woman wanted to own.

Now the icon has been given a modern update; it has evolved into the 3Baguette, a more streamlined and structured version of itself.

“When I created the Baguette it was mainly a simple, personal desire for a change from traditional bags originating perhaps by a some kind of un-satisfaction with the 90’s minimalism, and I believe that the homologation of minimalism is restrictive in the creative process”, says Silvia Venturini Fendi, “… now after almost two decades, the will to reinterpret it and give it a contemporary and interesting functional twist, playing with the most iconic part of the Baguette, the buckle.”

Fendi Baguette bag gets a modern update as the 3Baguette DECOR 1

This reinterpretation of the bag focuses on the iconic buckle that Mrs Fendi mentioned, it’s apparently a “unique work of engineering” and will rotate, disappearing into a series of small lines when the bag opens, then it reforms as you close it back up (see the picture above). From decorative logo to functioning closure, the FF buckle has moved on.

On top of the new buckle, the 3Baguette is quite roomy due to the double pleated body that can expand; it’s also full of handy pockets, apparently designed for “a cool and urban woman that lives her 24hrs life with the same bag”.

Fendi Baguette bag gets a modern update as the 3Baguette DECOR 2The new Fendi 3Baguette is available in a number of different versions from embellished to
exotic skins

As for the “3”, well, that’s down to the new strap with can be worn in three ways – “short under the arm, long aside the body, or the strap can be rotated and placed under the bag, to carry it as a pochette”.


“3 Baguette, très Baguette, very Baguette” … Go on, you know you want one.

The Fendi 3Baguette is available in leather with embroidery and inlays, and in python and crocodile versions, is priced from $3,470 and is available from Fendi Boutiques. For more information, go to www.fendi.com. You can follow the brand on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Fendi, Twitter @Fendi and on Instagram at @Fendi too.