I have to admit to having jumped on the oversize bandwagon with enthusiasm; who wouldn’t? They hide a multitude of sins, are relatively cool in Singapore’s sticky heat and if you get the tees big enough they can do double duty as cute dresses too (as long as you’re wearing safety shorts of course).

How to wear oversize tees and tunics DECOROversize tees and tunics to try. Check out the gallery below for details

So, what is the oversize trend? It basically started when Instagram became saturated with streetstyle girls and K-Pop stars wearing hot trend pieces like Givenchy menswear’s bulldog tee over very short-shorts, tights and jeans. It moved from there onto the runways and collections so that now you can find an oversize printed or logo tee being done by just about every high end and highstreet label.

When the tees got a bit boring – or too young, after all we’re not all 18-year-old style bloggers right? – some labels started producing tunics instead. What’s the difference? A tunic is basically a slightly shorter than normal dress so it can have a collar or embellishments, bat-wing sleeves or be made from a stiffer fabric like woven cottons or silks. If you’re not a fan of the thinner jersey that t-shirts are usually made of, then a tunic is probably your best option when trying this trend.

If you check out the images we’ve got here you’ll notice one thing; all of the pieces are being shown over leggings or skinny jeans. This, indeed, is the trick to wearing anything oversize. If your top half has a lot of fabric then you need to keep the bottom more streamlined in order to show some contrast.

While these items are being shown with leggings, you can also wear oversize tees and tunics with narrow pencil skirts (that end lower than your top) or even a skinny pair of capri pants or city shorts (shorts that come to the knee). And of course, if you have a 19-year-old K-Pop star’s legs then please go with a pair of hot pants or short denim cut-offs (I’m just jealous!).

And please remember … these items are actually shorter than you think; they are also wide and therefore more likely to swing around while you’re moving and ride up when you sit; that’s why you need something underneath them. These are not dresses; the cuts don’t allow for sitting or movement so please, please, please wear something underneath them; something that you’d be happy for your mum to see though, not a pair of
boy-short undies.

In the gallery below are some of our picks of the best oversize tees and tunics that you can easily add to your wardrobe to start rocking the trend. These pieces are all available on SheShops.com but you can also check out the super cool cult pieces from new Singapore label Not Cool Enough and other emerging labels like Ivory Jar from the UK and hot Korean brand Human Potential; all three are available at Sects Shop, Level 4 in Orchard Gateway.

Superspace, also in Orchard Gateway on Level 2, also have some great options when it comes to oversize tees including the die-die must-buy cult brands KTZ, Andrea Crews, Daniel Palillo (a brand beloved by K-Pop star Dara from 2NE1!) and more.

And you should check out the pieces from cult Korean blogshop fashion brand Stylenanda that is now available from i.t.’s new store on the ground floor of Orchard Gateway (there are a lot of cool places to shop there actually: 5 cool new shops to check out at Orchard Gateway).