We love heels, really we do, they elevate us, our outfits and our moods instantly! Well, mostly, until they start to kill the balls of our feet and make us wish we had never, ever decided to give ourselves a few extra inches that morning. For the days when you’re running from meeting to meeting and not in the office all day, able to subtly kick off your heels for some sweet relief, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for how to ensure you can wear your heels (relatively) painlessly…

Image: Showbit


#1 Choose your style wisely

When it comes to heels that will go the distance, your sartorial savvy should extend beyond mere aesthetic and material concerns, certain upper cuts make for more comfortable everyday wear. Avoid thin, strappy sandals, especially if the shoes don’t fit well, friction and slipping soles will create the prime environment for blisters to develop. Opt for thicker cut-out styles, like a gorgeous pair from Cos which are on our lust list. 

Having a strap of some kind, rather than a traditional stiletto court shoe is a great shout, especially if your ankles err on the skinnier side. With lace-up shoes, chunky wedges and caged heels all on trend, take advantage of the added comfort these styles bring and wear them while they’re hot!

#2 Keep your toenails in check

From my days of dancing ballet en pointe, I know how painful long toenails can be when pushed against a hard surface at the end of your shoe! Learn from the world’s long-suffering ballerinas and keep your toenails as short as you can, any tight-fitting close-toed shoes will be wondrously more comfortable if you remember to file or clip them down. And if all else fails, just be thankful you’re not wearing pointe shoes (a.k.a standing on a wooden block). 

#3 Never wear the same shoes two days in a row

This is a tip I picked up from the shoe master himself, Dato. Jimmy Choo! He taught me that one should never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, so as to keep your feet from becoming used to a certain style and causing an array of problems such as lowered arches and bunions. 

#4 Wax is the answer to your problems

Another trick I learnt from Mr. Jimmy Choo himself was an old-school favourite. This trick may seem a little cumbersome, but it’s benefits outweigh any prep. I’m prone to get blisters from chafing heel backs (particularly ones which are new and yet to be broken in), and rather than purchasing the sticky jelly blister pads, a much more effective method is to melt some wax in a small pot and let it solidify, then slip it in the back of your heels. It moulds perfectly to your heel and the wax feels smooth and soothing against aching and sore feet, thanks Jimmy!

#5 Swap ‘em out

If you’re a diehard heels girl, you’ll need to get a work shoe-drobe sorted. Yes, you read that right, pick 3-4 pairs of shoes that you regularly wear during work hours and keep them in the office. Swap out of the heels you wore in the morning at lunchtime, even if it’s into another pair of stilettos, your feet will appreciate the change-up. For those of you who want to give your feet a break, keep a chic pair of flats or luxe sandals in the office for an easy changeover. 

#6 Posture and position is everything

Every woman worth their Manolos knows the old ‘slip them off under the desk’ trick for some light, burning heels relief! For added comfort, sit with one foot at a time crossed underneath you on your chair to elevate and encourage blood flow again. Every little helps!

#7 Befriend your cobbler

Wherever you are in the world, a good relationship with a cobbler is essential if you’re a woman who works heels. From resoling to keep your shoes looking as luxe as possible to stretching out too tight heels, the local shoe connoisseur is every woman’s best friend. Go to your cobbler if your new heels need a stretch out, the simple procedure will prevent a LOT of pain! 

#8 Don’t sweat it out

In Singapore’s humid climate, even ballet flats can have us sweating buckets. Prevent humidity causing your feet to sweat and expand by dusting the inner sole and parts of your feet which are covered with talcum powder in the morning. This trick will prevent blisters and keep your tootsies smelling fresh throughout the day!

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