It’s prints galore in 2017, and the rugged camo prints are back in business. We’re seeing some of our favourite stars like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna sport sexy camouflage prints that we are dying to replicate.


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Even Charlene Choi adopted a pair of punky camo trousers on the second day of Chinese New Year.


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Granted, this particular print is not the easiest to pull off; the goal is to achieve that celebrity street style vibe rather than off-duty SAF officer (although that can be a rather attractive look for men). Here are some quick and easy ways to incorporate camo prints into outfits for any occasion, including work!

For the office

Camo prints used to be the antithesis of formal wear, and it’s still admittedly a challenge to incorporate in an office-appropriate outfit. Fashion is quickly moving forward, however, and new trends offer us novel ways to wear our beloved prints.

Wear the look: Bershka camouflage printed shirt, $49.90, Mango poplin shirt, $39.90, Zara check trousers, $39.90, Prada velvet pumps, $773, from Net-a-Porter

Nothing screams style queen more than the ability to mix prints well. Tartan is another print that is incredibly popular at the moment and it looks lovely when paired with camo. Select pieces that are similar in shade, or at least ensure that the prints are either both dark or both light.

Wear the look: Splendid camo leggings, $145, from Net-a-Porter, Dion Lee mini dress, $1,203, from Net-a-Porter, Gianvito Rossi leather pumps, $825, from Net-a-Porter

For anyone who doesn’t feel as adventurous, layering smart is another way to look well-put together. Long tops like this one are wonderful for this purpose; it conveys a structured silhouette that will really help you project presence in the workplace. Wearing it over camouflage leggings will give you a power outfit that works wonders if you need a more militant demeanor.

For a nice lunch

Wear the look: Factorie cargo jacket, $41.90, from Zalora, Needle & Thread tulle maxi skirt, $145, from Net-a-Porter, Matchstick camo boot, $196, from Topshop​

Nice lunch dates may offer a bit of a quandary as it falls into the uncertain grey area between casual to smart casual. It’s always safe to overdress, but it’s even safer to have an outfit that can look appropriate in any given situation. Camo jackets are wonderfully bold and pair nicely with the very trendy tulle skirt. Try to ensure that the individual pieces in your outfit follow similar colour tones for a well-put together look. Go for a high heeled boot to finish off your all-purpose outfit for 2017.

For a casual weekend

Wear the look: Adidas Originals crewneck sweatshirt, $126, from Topshop, Pull & Bear camo skinny cargo trousers, $59.90, Jil Sander velved slippers, $356, from Net-a-Porter

It’s the weekend; you aren’t obligated to dress up or even stray too far from your home. But in the event that you are heading out for a bit, keeping comfortable while looking stylish is paramount. Sweaters and hoodies walk the fine line between casual chic and sloppy dressing, and this pastel-hued Adidas sweater is that perfect lazy-luxe combination. Our trusty camo pants will serve to balance out the super feminine top, and all that’s left to do is slip on your favourite slides before enjoying a well-deserved weekend.

For a party

Wear the look: Mango Shearling-lined leather jacket, $369, Mango shiny bodysuit, $39.90, Stradivarius camo skinny trousers, $39.90, Gianvito Rossi suede pumps, $531, from Net-a-Porter

The objective of any party outfit is to steal the show (with class), and unique prints like camo will do just that. Camo prints can be somewhat dull, so it’s a good idea to luxe up your lustre with shining metallics and sequins. Round off your punk rock ensemble with a cool black leather jacket and you’re ready for a sexy night out.


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