“Athleisure” is a fashion buzzword that’s still sizzling hot. For the uninitiated, this style is a hybrid of sportswear and casualwear that can take you from the gym straight to town. This idea may be baffling to some, but gives us much wiggle room to get creative in making activewear wearable outside the gym.

Here’s the low-down on the eight athleisure outfits in our video above:

1. Imotion cross jacket (Newline), $159 from TripleFit; Nike Huarache, $179 from Nike

The little black dress will be a far-from-predictable option when you pair it with a windbreaker, which is super light and wearable. This one adds a unique pop of colour, and the combination could very well convert die-hard fans of bomber jackets and blazers. Throw on a pair of spiffy sneakers for the ultimate in comfort.

2. Sharp tech long pants (C3fit), $139 from TripleFit

With a statement leather jacket, people probably wouldn’t even notice you’re wearing track pants. The key is to tuck in your tank top to cinch in your waist and avoid looking sloppy. Let the jacket do the talking, and complete the sleek look with a pair of smart loafers.

3. Crop esc time tee (Every Second Counts), $89 from TripleFit

This fuss-free getup definitely makes you look like you tried. A crop top is always great for accentuating your proportions; worn with a pleated tennis skirt, you’ll channel a sweet sportsgirl-going-to-town vibe.

4. Claim the moment sweat pants (Every Second Counts), $179 from TripleFit

Look dressy with a couldn’t-care-less feel by pairing an off-shoulder top with sweatpants. Make sure your off-shoulder top is fitting to balance out the somewhat heavy and voluminous bottom. Seal the deal with some heels and you’re all ready to strut your stuff in town.

5. Low impact bra (Under Armour), $49 from TripleFit

If you own a gorgeous sports bra with intricate details, what better way to flaunt it than with a loose cut-out top? This instantly spices things up and you don’t have to worry about accessorising. Go with a pair of simple tights and some chic loafers so you don’t look overly casual.

6. Studio bottom (Under Armour), $119 from TripleFit

Be adventurous by choosing track pants in a unique shade – it’ll make you feel that much bolder and more confident. Match them with a patterned halter top to add more visual interest; for the final flourish, you can never go wrong with loafers.

7. Love every moment crop (Every Second Counts), $109 from TripleFit; Flyby top (Under Armour), $45 from TripleFit

Rocking casual chic is a breeze when you switch out the crisp white shirt for a sports top underneath a blazer. And you can always count on a statement necklace to look even more put together.

8. Time out pants (Every Second Counts), $179 from TripleFit

This is one outfit that screams chill but definitely isn’t sloppy. Choose a crop top in a bold colour for an interesting contrast, then throw on some heels because we ladies could always do with some elevation.


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