We’re all guilty of splurging serious dollars on one item, be it a chic all-in-one, statement dress or occasion-specific outfit to look amazing for one night only, but there are ways to make your purchase worth it. Read on for 4 tips to wear that dress you bought for a birthday, gala or end-of-year party go the distance:


Image: Showbit, Lily Donaldson in Saint Laurent 


1. How you style it
Subtle changes and additions to your outfit can make even a statement piece look instantly different. Style a dress up or down for a different occasion with flats, heels, boots and even sneakers, each pair of shoes will give the look a different feel. Even changing your hairstyle and adding accessories such as a colourful belt or statement earrings will make your already-worn dress look like a never-before-seen #ootd. 

2. Limit social media exposure
As superficial as it may seem, once an outfit has appeared on each and every one of your follower’s Instagram feeds, it’s pretty much game over. You’re probably looking your million-dollar best in your outfit, which will also inspire the photo to get more attention, a no-no if you’re hoping to re-wear the dress at your next big event. Be strategic about posting photos of you in your regalia the first time you wear a showstopping number if you’re planning on wearing it over and over again. Of course, when you’re happy it’s given you sufficient mileage, post and hashtag away with your #AboutLastNight adventures!

3. Wear it in different social circles
The real-life version of Insta-fear is your friends and family seeing you in the same dress over and over again. Mix up the social circles you rock your prized purchase in and you’ll be able to wear it without fear of sartorial judgement! 

4. Put your clothes on rotation
A great way to organise your wardrobe is by putting your pieces on a ‘last worn’ rotation cycle. Once your dress is freshly laundered, put it on the back of your clothes rail and continue the cycle in this manner for all your outfits, you’ll start to discover old gems and won’t repeat your outfits in a memorable time span, savvy!

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