“Pictures, or it didn’t happen.”

This old-school catchphrase seems to be more applicable than ever since social media came into our lives.

We live in an era where many people seek validation through the broadcast of their colourful lives – some lucky ladies have even managed to make a career out of it.

Social media might be a powerful and community-building tool, but it’s also important to remember that we should never base our self-worth on it alone.

Your online persona is supposed to be an extension of your actual life, not its entirety. Remember: Life is not just about an Instagram photo!

Having said that, I have to admit that the whole concept of Instagram is super enticing: You get to document your life in glamourous little squares, which in turn helps you to connect with your friends.

While style bloggers have a dedicated team to document their every move, how can we – the people who are actually living in the real world – create a great #OOTD shot with what we’ve got?

Ahead, we share seven secret tricks that will help you capture your outfit in style. Prepare yourself for all the double taps you are going to get!

Image: Showbit

TRICK 1: Always face the sunlight

Shooting against the sun is a big no-no, more so when you are only equipped with a phone in hand. If you are taking the picture around noon where sunlight is the most harsh, it’s better to take your picture somewhere else with diffused soft lighting instead.

Bonus tip: Professional photographers swear by the “golden hour” (the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset) as the time of day with the best lighting. So, go figure!

TRICK 2: Tap to focus

Always remember to get whoever that’s taking the photo (if you are taking a selfie, that would be yourself) to tap your screen a couple of times to get the best focus before clicking on the capture button. This will make every single pixel on your picture crisp and clear.

TRICK 3: Burst is your best friend

Since we are not professional models, we tend to stiffen up and become self-conscious when we are in front of the camera, because we don’t know what to do with our bodies. The trick here is not to overthink it. Keep it casual and move around like how you normally act! Using the “burst” tool will definitely capture one or two frames that you’ll fancy.

TRICK 4: Take your photo in the full length mode

Give yourself more options by shooting in landscape or portrait first. You can capture more interesting details and more of the background with a larger frame. It also gives you more flexibility as you can easily crop and edit out the parts you want to exclude with a photo editing app later.

TRICK 5: VSCO everything

This is a photo editing app that I swear by, because of its extensive filters and the many adjustments you can make on a single photo. I am sharing some super useful first-hand tips after years of fiddling around with this app!


You can always layer your filters to get the most personalised and unique effect on your photo.

For those of you who feel that you look perfect in your #OOTD with the exception of an overexposed background, the Vignette tool can help you subtly darken the corners of your photo. It helps to draw the attention to the middle of the screen.

You can make the details in your photo like your accessories pop with the Clarity tool. It enhances the detail in your photo by increasing contrast.

If you are taking a photo that incorporates a horizon or architectural details that require the image to be level, the Straighten tool allows you to straighten the horizontal lines in your photo.

TRICK 7: Reduce your editing by 30 percent

With so many functions and tools, it’s really easy to get carried away when you are editing a photo. So after you are done, it’s advisable to go back to the picture and reduce everything you have done by 30 percent to maintain the integrity of your photo.

You want it to look as natural as possible, instead of having it look photoshopped.

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