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Whenever the word “corset” is mentioned, the images that appear in most people’s minds would probably be the exaggerated figure-constricting ones worn during the Victorian era, or the audacious “stripper” styles that resemble racy lingerie.

However in recent years, this accessory has gained traction (Miuccia Prada was one designer at the root of this trend) and tons of A-listers and street style stars have been seen sporting the trend.

It’s no wonder why this accessory took off as well as it did: It’s super easy to style and elevates a simple look effortlessly.

But if you think that this trend is only reserved for supermodels and celebrities, think again. You can definitely rock this look if you heed this one important style tip: Think of the corset as an accessory, not a top. It’s all about how you style and layer it into a complete and cohesive ensemble.

Not sure what that means? Read one to see how some of our favourite style stars have managed to work the corset trend into their outfits:


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Kylie Jenner
This is an excellent example of how you can easily jazz up a simple white T-shirt from a basic staple to a head-turning outfit. Take a leaf from Kylie’s style book and wear a corset as a belt and kept the rest of your outfit really simple. If you find the length of the T-shirt too short, you can always add a pair of figure-hugging bottoms.


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Hailey Baldwin
You would think that a pastel pink corset might come across as a little too “girly” or suggestive, but Baldwin balances out the sexiness with edgy styling. Instead of going all feminine and frilly, she wore the corset over a cosy white knit top and paired it with tough leather pants and studded boots.


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Liu Wen
Known best for her boyish off-duty style, Liu Wen couldn’t help but pick out an outfit that involved a corset when attending an event. White blouses and maxi skirts are the most common office staples that you have in your wardrobe, so office ladies can definitely pick up a tip or two here.


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Gigi Hadid
We’ve mentioned previously that graphic tees are back with a vengeance, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, try combining both trends and layering a corset over your T-shirt in the same hue. You’ll be all set to wow the fashion crowd.