A well-made blazer is a very powerful piece of clothing. It has transformative qualities —making denim go from casual to dressy or a figure-hugging pencil dress look more polished— basically catapulting first impressions from #basic to #girlboss in a jiff. 

However from my experience, I understand that blazers can be tricky to style. They are, after all, usually more masculine in shape. When you don’t style them right, they can overwhelm a petite frame or make a girl with broader shoulders look frumpy and unattractive.

Discover how to coordinate this tailored topper with your wardrobe to channel the classy, polished and pulled-together look you’ve always craved with a little help from some of Singapore’s most stylish fashionistas like Velda Tan and Rachel Lim. 


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1. Rachel Lim in cape blazer + midi houndstooth skirt + pointy heels 
For petite girls who are worried about being overwhelmed by the masculine silhouette of a blazer, a cape blazer is definitely your best bet. The clean cut design, structured shoulders, and concealed arm holes will flatter your frame.

This outfit is further enhanced by the fitted houndstooth pencil skirt ‒ one of the most classic and timeless motifs in fashion history. It was originally created for men, but Coco Chanel made it famous for women back in the 60s. It helps to elevate an otherwise plain and boring ensemble, for example, if you were to pair the cape blazer with an ordinary black skirt. 

2. Samantha Cheok in fit & flare blazer + waist belt + shimmery skirt
In order to look feminine, waist definition is very important. Go for a fit and flare style of blazer instead of a boyfriend cut jacket and be sure to wear a skinny belt on your waist to create a distinctive waistline. To add a dose of panache to your outfit, work this carefully sculpted and tailored blazer with a pouffy multi-coloured skirt and you are ready to win everyone over. 


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3. Velda Tan in white structured blazer + ripped jeans + red heels 
When we think ripped jeans, we tend to associate them with a grungy and edgy style. Here’s where the transformative power of a blazer comes into play. Follow Velda’s lead and juxtapose a blazer with a clean-cut aesthetic and minimalist finish with a pair of distressed jeans. Then finish the look off with a pair of sexy red stilettos. Voila, classy and feminine with the most unexpected wardrobe pieces. 


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4. Viola tan in cape blazer + all white base outfit + studded stilettos
A vibrant hue really helps lift an ensemble and make it look less sombre. Our Singapore fashionistas sure have a thing for the cape blazer! You can also anchor the look with a pair of edgy studded heels to prevent yourself from looking overly saccharine. 


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5. Andrea Chong in soft blazer + all white base outfit
Apart from a bright and cheery colour, soft pastels can also help to tone down the masculinity of the blazer’s silhouette. Materials also play a part in the overall look. Go for soft fluid fabrics such as silk and let the jacket drape lightly over your figure.