Fashion editors who attend shows at least four times a year have it cut out for them in terms of making sure their wardrobe is on point. Carting about fabulous coats and being constantly tempted by show upon show of desirable and incredible pieces is a definite test of one’s self control. If you’re looking to keep your bank balance healthy and still look insanely stylish, listen in for some style advice from some of our favourite women on how to shop smart and make sure you have an infinitely stylish wardrobe:

Image: Showbit

#1 Ratio is everything

Let’s do some simple fashion maths, vow that for every 5 fast fashion purchases you make, you’ll invest in one evergreen piece. That may be that Tom Ford pencil skirt you’ve admired forever, or those 3.1 Phillip Lim white trousers that would make every work outfit pop. Invest in those items you know you’ll wear forever, and shop high street stores and sites for trend-led pieces that will keep them looking fresh. 

#2 Identify a style uniform

Yes, I’m with you, I never liked uniforms when they were enforced, let alone out of choice! However, you may already have your own personal uniform without realising it. Do you favour mid-length dresses and court shoes, pencil skirt, a tailored suit and ankle boots? If you find yourself consistently buying and reaching for these items when you’re in a rush, these are most likely your uniform pieces. Once you’ve identified the three pieces which fit your lifestyle and aesthetic, these are the ones which you can refresh and replenish when you want to reset your wardrobe, as well as the ones you can count on to feel put-together. 

Image: Margaret Zhang, Showbit

#3 Classics are so for a reason

The navy peg trousers, the perfect white t-shirt, the classic white shirt, these pieces have stood the test of time and trends for a reason, they always look amazing. Re-wear and reimagine your basics endlessly, and don’t feel guilty for doing so! Sure, sometimes you just feel like wearing your brand new fuchsia skirt and looking fabulous, but other days you’ll want to slip on your boyfriend jeans, a white tee and a slash of red lipstick and be done with it. Dress according to your mood and you’ll always feel great. 

#4 Buy pieces you can wear at least 3 ways    

If you want to invest in something, or are even buying a fast-fashion piece, envision three ways you can wear it before swiping that plastic. If you can’t do this, it’s not worth investing as your cost-per-wear will be limited. Also the more outfits you can create with it, the more days you’ll have to rock it and feel fabulous, and your mornings will be easier!

Image: Tiffany Hsu, Showbit

#5 Identify which brands design for you        

Different designers design for a different woman in mind. Some brands and labels may fit you like a glove and consistently have pieces that work for your body and your wardrobe. When you find this brand, or several, go back to them season after season for fit, form and favourites as you know they’ll have something to offer. For example, Uniqlo may have jeans that always fit you just right and come up true to size whilst you know that season on season Prabal Gurung’s dresses accentuate your figure and La Perla’s lingerie makes you feel like a goddess. These are your go-to brands! 

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