Whilst in the Western hemisphere, getting your legs out is a seasonal activity, in Singapore there’s a year-round need for maintenance of your pins. If you’re the kind of woman who doesn’t show them off without a regular wax or feels self-conscious if they’re a bit pasty looking, the struggle can be real. On top of that, perhaps your legs are not your favourite asset, but with shorts, skirts and dresses sans tights as go-to hot weather outfit options, showing them off is almost unavoidable. 



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However, there are ways to make them appear as slender and endless as can be without resorting to anything too drastic. Read on for five easy ways you can style yourself to make your legs look Naomi Campbell-esque:

#1 Match your leggings to your shoes

So you know that leg-lengthening device created by Chanel? It applies to all dressing. If you wear nude coloured shoes on bare legs, your legs appear longer on account of a little trompe l’oeil effect. See here if you don’t think you can find a nude in your skin tone. Key takeaway: It’s not all about a muted beige anymore, with brown, caramel and a whole host of other options out there for your picking. 


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In the same thread, wearing treggings or leggings plus boots in the same colour will make your legs seem endless. If you’re daring enough, go all out with black jeans and matching over-the-knee boots. We’re warning you though, this may be a little hot for Singapore’s weather, but perfect if you’re dressing for a cold weather holiday.



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#2 Courts are your best friend

If you’re looking to elongate those pins, avoid ankle straps. Even when wearing flats, straps and laces that cut your leg off at the ankle will instantly shorten the appearance of your legs. So try ballet flats, mules and court heels instead if you want to keep those legs looking as long as possible. Shop our suggestions here. 



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#3 Shop for flattering slits

This is a great way to look glamorous and get your legs looking their best on a night out. Wear a side-slit midi skirt or dress which creates a clean line for your legs to be seen. Usually the slit will end at the most flattering point of your leg – just before your thighs – meaning the slimmer part will be seen. This optical illusion is a lot more flattering for those who have a pear-shaped or hourglass figure than your traditional midi-skirt. If you don’t have curves, this style of skirt will also give help to allude to them. 


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#4 Roll it up

Your ankle is the skinniest part of your leg, even if you have what you believe are cankles! Show them off and create a flattering line by rolling up or hemming your pants so they end just above your ankle by an inch or two. It’s amazing how this can transform even a pair of casual jeans. When paired with flats, it will make your legs look instantly longer. If you add a pair of sexy heels into the mix, your bum will be lifted and your calves look more toned too!


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#5 Be melodramatic

More can be more when it comes to leg-lengthening strategy. Over-the-top silhouettes are hot right now; so go for floor sweeping flares, palazzo pants and super-wide leg trousers that give you the illusion of never-ending legs. Here Liu Wen shows us how:


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See here for more leg-lengthening tricks and the items to shop now.