Here at herworldPLUS, we strongly believe that there is no such thing as a “perfect” body. Rather, the key to looking good is all about dressing to suit your proportions. If you are looking to slenderize your hips and buns, we have five simple tips for you. 

#1 Keep your pockets streamlined
Many bottoms (jeans, skirts or even shorts) have pocket detailing, so select the ones without extraneous flaps or embroidery, as these busy details will create unwanted bulk. Also, avoid small pockets as they give the illusion that your butt is larger than it actually is. 

#2 Opt for dark coloured bottoms
Darker colours allow for a clean and streamlined silhouette to be presented to the eye. For maximum effect, pair it with a lighter coloured top to direct all the attention upwards. 

#3 Avoid distressed denim 
Jeans are a great way to camouflage your derriere, but distressed denim is a big no-no. The whiskers and light washes near the butt area has a “magnifying” effect; the principle behind this is much the same as the point above. Dark denim washes are your most flattering bet.

#4 Try boot-cut 
Skinny jeans might be a popular cut, but they place all the emphasis on your hips, which will make them look wider in proportion to your body. Opt for a boot-cut instead, which tapers to your knees and then widens at the bottom to balance out the upper body. Make sure the fit at your butt and thigh area is snug but not tight, so as to avoid looking too bulky. 

#5 Belt your clothes up to your natural waistline
High waisted styles steer attention away from wide hips because they draw the eye upward to your waist, making your legs look longer and your hips look smaller. You can add a belt for extra visual interest to deflect even more attention away from your hips.