With the year coming to a close in just two weeks, it’s essential that we take a look at how we have fared in 2016, and what all the fashion-loving girls can do to up their game and be more stylish in 2017.  

There is no better way to start than by reviewing some of the bad style habits we might have formed throughout the course of the current year. Here’s a list of things you should ditch as you move forward into the new year.

Image: Showbit

1. Hoarding anything that doesn’t fit well

Here at herworldPLUS, we have always emphasised the fact that the key to looking good lies in the fit. Clothes that fit right have a streamlining effect, give you enough space to move, and gloss over the parts you want to hide without adding bulk to your frame.

2. Buying aimlessly

Don’t give in to impulse shopping and purchase mindlessly! You will only end up facing an overstocked wardrobe with nothing to wear. You should shop smart by only purchasing classic items that are made to last. When you only buy well-made clothes that you love, you will find it really easy to assemble your outfits.

3. Jumping onto any trend

This is an extension of point number 2. Trends come and go every season, so it’s important to assess if it’s suitable for your body type and your lifestyle before buying trendy apparel. Or else, by the next season, you will be stuck with a bunch of outdated clothes.

4. Wearing head-to-toe black

Many of us think that wearing all black is a fail-safe way of looking presentable. While it’s hard to dispute that, looking presentable and being stylish are not the same. If you want to stand out in the fashion crowd, it’s crucial that you diversify your wardrobe by incorporating some colours and prints that you are comfortable with.

Take it from Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The boss of the undisputed fashion bible has made it known that she will never wear head-to-toe black in an interview. Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find many photos of her wearing all black.

5. Matching the colour of your bag to your shoes

This style rule was once a rule to live by in the 1950s, but right now, we are all about embracing mismatched styles that will help to freshen up and elevate your outfit.

6. Putting on a haphazard outfit in a rush

Yes ladies, it takes some effort to look impeccable. Always plan your outfit the night before, so that you can save yourself from running around in a panic the next morning!