Party dressing is easy, said no one ever.

Every holiday season, I find myself staring blankly at front of my closet, trying to come up with an outfit that will wow the crowd. It’s as if no matter how early in advance I start my festive outfit preparation, I’d still end up in the same pesky situation.

While it is true that holiday parties require a little extra effort where style is concerned, always remember that we shouldn’t complicate things and take it too seriously.

It is after all just one more excuse for friends and family to get together and be merry! To help you out, here are four very simple (yet super useful) party dressing tips that you should consider while getting dressed. We’re sure you will make a stylish entrance, no matter where you are headed.

Image: Showbit / Saint Laurent Autumn Winter 2016

1. Wear only one statement item 

Just because you’re going to a fancy party doesn’t mean you have to bust out the best from your closet and wear them all at once. If you are going to wear a statement blouse with oversized sleeves, make sure to keep the rest of your silhouette minimal and subdued in order not to overwhelm the look. 

2. Never, ever, wear brand new shoes

Shelling out for a pair of swanky new pair of shoes might seem like the right thing to do when you receive a major party invite but please, wear them out for at least a couple of times before you put them on for your holiday soiree. 

Wearing a pair of brand new, never-been-worn shoes out to a party is the perfect formula for a disaster. There is nothing less sexy than the post-party hobble caused by sore, blistered feet dripping with blood

3. Don’t show too much skin

You might have been working out all day and night for the past year to nail the most amazing “revenge” body. Conventional wisdom suggests that you ought to flaunt what you’ve got. But right now, covering up is actually the more tasteful and stylish option. Opt to show off your legs or your boobs, never both.  

4. Accessorise with a punch 

The urge to accessorise can be hard to ignore during the holidays, but don’t go overboard or you will end up looking like an overly adorned Christmas tree. If you’re going wear a dangly pair of larger-than-life earrings that also happen to be really expensive, you might want to go easy on the rest of your accessories so that you don’t come across as trying too hard.  

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