Here at herworldPLUS, we have always advocated the importance of investing in good quality wardrobe staples to create a high mileage wardrobe. We strive only buy well-made pieces that can last us for years. 

However, there’s something that we often neglect: The way we care for our clothes. Premium materials and fine workmanship are the key fundamentals to a long lasting garment, but bad handling will ruin your clothes faster than you can imagine. 

Taking care of our clothes is just as important as choosing the right piece in the first place. Here are five things that you should do consistently to ensure that your clothes last for years! 

1. Don’t wash after one use 
When you wash your clothes, the material is soaked in chemicals and the fabric gets tugged at. So, washing your clothes more than you need to can shorten their lifespan and wear them out quickly. You should only wash them when they are actually dirty; if it looks and smells good, it’s good to be worn. Of course, we exclude things like gym wear, things that sit close to your genitals (e.g. undergarments), and your body’s primary sweat glands. 

2. Read the labels 
Many of us forget that our clothes actually come with an ‘instruction manual’. That little white tag located down the side seam of your shirt is not for decoration! It tells you the best way to care for it so that it stays in great shape. Note: if the garment says ‘dry clean only’, find how if you can wash them at home here!

3. Use cold water 
Cold water is more than up to the challenge of washing everyday laundry. It protects the colour of your clothes and preserves the fit of your clothes as it prevents the shrinkage that hot water can cause. Furthermore, stains like blood and sweat should only be washed in cold water as warm water will set them in. 

4. Air dry 
The dryer is a very poor second to the clothesline. It shrinks clothing twice as much as washing, and tumble-drying shrinks twice as much as air-drying. Apart from that, it also weakens the tensile strength of the fabric greatly. Which means that your clothes are more prone to tears. You should hang them on a clothesline and leave them to air dry.

5. Store your clothes properly 
V-neck t-shirts, delicate lace and off-shoulder sweaters are some of the things that go out of shape quite easily when not stored well. You wouldn’t want a hanger to catch on your lace top and snag at the fabric; putting a V-neck t-shirt on a big hanger will end up stretching the neckline out. Knitwear and t-shirts are better fold folded. For the rest of your clothes, we suggest that you use good hangers (wooden and velvet hangers are really good) instead of the fragile wire ones. You should also choose those with the appropriate hooks to prevent your clothes from falling off.