We mistreat our hair on a daily basis, whether it’s applying heat or pulling on it in our efforts to tame unruly heads of hair, or experimenting with different styles and colours without proper after-chemical care. Our glamorous updos and trendy dye jobs might make us look fabulous, but our hair suffers for it. All the chemical processes and stress on our hair can result in damaged hair that is hard to repair.

Can’t tell if your hair is damaged? There are four easy signs: Lifeless looking hair, split ends, tangled and brittle hair, and dull colour. It’s also worth noting that if you’ve got fine hair, you’ll probably need a different treatment than someone with thick hair (thinner hair is more susceptible to damage but also absorbs treatments faster). To figure it out, we recommend leaving it to the experts, which is where Kerastase’s Resistance Terapiste line comes in.


The Resurrection Plant

The star ingredient of the Resistance Therapiste line is sap from the “resurrection plant” named Myrothamnus Flabellifolia that’s found in South Africa. It is a plant that grows in some of the most arid regions of the planet, and has the ability to come back to life after undergoing a near death state as a result of severe drought (hence the name resurrection plant). During a drought, the plant loses up to 97 per cent of its mass and retracts its stems in order to preserve its core. All it takes to revive it is water. The sap of this plant is obtained from its leaves through a high-temperature water-based extraction in order to obtain the best possible “resurrection” energy to bring our damaged tresses back to life.

Here’s what hair experts have to say about the Kerastase Resistance Therapiste range:


Kerastase always has customised solutions and this product works best for those with fine damaged hair. Used before shampooing and applied to damp hair, Soin Premier Therapiste works like a protective gauze. It protects your hair during washing without weighing it down.

— June Ng, Styling Director of J’s Salon and Salon 360


The Bain Therapiste shampoo is like a little miracle, it gives extremely damaged hair new life without hardening the hair texture, so hair is strengthened but still soft. I especially love the unique jellied texture.

— Issac Ng, Salon Director of Toni & Guy Mandarin Gallery and Novena




Masque Therapiste is rich and thick but has a velvety texture that doesn’t feel heavy or oily. I recommend this to my customers with very damaged and thick hair. It can be used every day after shampoo, repairs hair at its core and strengthens your hair.

— Tino Issac Poh, Salon Owner of Pro Trim


Serum Therapiste is my favourite product from this range. It’s a double serum, just 2 pumps in your palm, mix it with finger tips and apply to hair ends and lengths after towel drying. This serum also protects your hair when using heated styling tools, and leaves it soft to the touch. The renewal process for this new Therapiste range can be felt immediately.

— Gary Chew, director and co-founder of Salon Vim

Watch the wonder that is the Resurrection Plant


The Resistance Therapiste range is now available in Kerastase Salons. Find your nearest Kerastase salon here: