Did you know that sunglasses can make you instantly more attractive? An added bonus is the fact that they stave off wrinkles and sun damage that UV rays and squinting can cause! As scientific (and personal) research has shown, everyone looks a whole lot cooler with sunnies on. We’re lucky enough to live in sunny weather all year round (hey, there has to be a plus to the humidity) so purchasing a stylish pair of sunglasses is worth the money. 


Image: Showbit

The dilemma remains for all though, which shape suits my face and for those with wider nose bridges, where can I find a comfortably fitting pair? Personally, I love Chanel’s classic round sunglasses, made iconic by the Olsen twins, but it’s taken me years to find a pair at a more affordable price tag which suit my face shape, and more importantly, brow structure. Even one eyewear shape can vary in size and exact design, but rather than spend forever trying to find your perfect pair like me, I’ve put together our ultimate guide to the best styles for every face shape, so you can find yours and know which to shop in seconds!


If your face is square:

Rounder shapes are perfectly cut to balance your sharper jawline and features. You can also pull off over-sized, diva styles (which never fail to make anything look glam) with your photogenic angles. 

Acetate D-frame sunglasses, $356, Dolce & Gabbana boutiques nationwide and online


If your face is round: 

The reason that sunglasses make everyone look more attractive is that they align our faces to appear more symmetrical. You can give your face shape added sharp structure with rectangular frames that will simultaneously elongate the face. We love this geometric pair by Dior:

DiorChromic metal sunglasses, $788.51 from Dior boutiques nationwide and Saks online


If your face is oval:

Lucky you! You have the face shape which can pull off just about anything. Feel free to experiment as much as you like: cat eyes, zany heart shapes and more streamlined aviators are all possibilities. If you carry a strong brow also (even more lucky) just make sure that the frames don’t cut off before your brow bone, as this isn’t flattering! Try these amazing Fendi Paradeyes sunglasses, just because (hair flip) you can: 

Fendi Paradeyes acetate and metal sunglasses, price unavailable, from Fendi boutiques nationwide


If your face is heart-shaped:

As you’ve got a gorgeously tapered chin, balance out your best angles by going wide with your choice sunglasses. Big, square frames, popular in the 70s and revived for this season, as well as Grease-inspired 50s cateye styles work wondrously with your proportions. We love Burberry’s pair which also come in an alternative fit specially made for Asian features with a wider nose bridge and specially designed arms: 

Ebony acetate cat-eye sunglasses, $400, from Burberry stores nationwide and online

Now, grab your bag, put on your sunnies and head out the door. Whilst you’re on the go, catch up the 6 things you can do to make yourself feel fabulous whilst getting dressed each day and shop the most gorgeously luxe sandals perfect for Singapore’s hot streets here.