Every woman is on a relentless quest to look stylish, well-put together and effortlessly “expensive” every day. If you have been taking our fashion advice you would probably have thrown out these 6 nasty things in your closet, and working on filling up your wardrobe gaps with these 8 classic staples

I know that building a luxurious looking and long-lasting wardrobe can be a costly affair; it’s far from easy to find quality pieces at pocket-friendly prices. However, don’t worry if your disposable income isn’t as much as you would like it to be! There’s one brand (that some of you might already be fans of) which can elevate your style without maxing out your credit card. 

Images: Uniqlo

Japanese lifestyle brand Uniqlo has just launched its Spring Summer 2016 collection in line with what the brand calls its “lifewear” concept: Think clean-looking and comfortable quality basics that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. 

Uniqlo spring summer 2016 presentation

In an exclusive interview in Tokyo with Naoki Takizawa, the creative director of Uniqlo, he revealed to me one of the secrets behind Uniqlo’s high quality yet affordable apparel. He says that the prices are included as part of the design. 

He explains that in order to realise this, there are certain limitations. Take a raincoat for example. It’s essential that the zipper used is windproof and rainproof. While there are plenty of such zippers in the market, Uniqlo will only use it if they can keep to their affordable pricing. So if that zipper exceeds the budget, the design team would have to think creatively and come up with a new design to combat the problem. 

With a philosophy like that, you can be rest assured that you are buying quality apparel at the best price. Here, we share 8 luxe-looking wardrobe staples from Uniqlo’s Spring Summer 2016 collection that are also affordably priced to boot.

1. Cotton T-shirt, $14.90

2. Cotton stretch long sleeve shirt, $29.90

3. Cotton ankle length jeans, $49.90

4. Cotton ankle length pants, $49.90

5. Rayon polyester pencil skirt, $39.90

6. Polyester stretch blazer, $99.90

7. Cotton cashmere cardigan, $49.90

8. Rayon flare midi dress, $49.90