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Instead of splurging on cycling gear for spin class, buy clothes that can be worn for a variety of workouts such as yoga and pilates.

How can I look stylish yet comfortable for a spin class?

Spin, or indoor cycling classes, have been gaining popularity lately. They usually last 50 to 60 minutes and involve high-intensity cardiovascular and endurance training.

Staying cool and comfortable does not mean forgoing style. Instead of splurging on cycling gear, buy clothes that can be worn for a variety of workouts such as yoga, pilates and Zumba.

Ms Beatrice Ding, director and instructor at CruCycle, a spin studio at Duxton Hill, tells Life: “We try to be as fun and trendy as possible. Rather than cycling jerseys, we wear clothes that are unusual and have different styles.”

She offers these pointers.

Stick to lightweight materials

Always wear breathable and stretchy materials as you will work up a sweat. Go for fabrics such as lycra, nylon or polyester blends, which help wick away sweat.

Wear tight capri- or ankle-length leggings

Opt for longer pants instead of yoga or running shorts.

Ms Ding says: “Shorts tend to ride up. Also, when you kick or swing your leg over the bike, they may reveal too much.”

Go for leggings that are tight at the waist so they will not slide down when you bend forward.

Also, avoid flowy, wide-legged yoga pants as the excess material may get caught in the bikes.

For tops, get creative

Anything goes as long as it is thin and light, says Ms Ding. She adds: “I would not wear long-sleeve tops though, as it will get too hot.”

She recommends a high-necked bra-top if you choose to wear a loose top to prevent exposing too much cleavage when leaning forward.

For something different, go for tops with cut-outs or mesh panels.

Get the right shoes

While some studios provide clip-on cycling shoes, others may require you to bring your own shoes. This usually depends on the structure of the workout. For example, if you need to get on and off the bike, sport shoes are more suitable.

Ms Ding says: “Choose shoes you would go running in. They should not be too loose, if not your feet will keep slipping out. They should also allow you to have a firm grip on the pedals so you can activate your leg muscles.”

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1. Viracity Bra Top, $86, Touch The Toes

This printed, brightly hued bra top made of polyester-spandex blend has an interesting strappy back. Wear with a loosely cut tank top to flaunt the detail.

2. Cindy Bra Top, $54,

The high-neck mesh detail is lightweight and provides adequate coverage. Padding can be added for more support. The main panel is made from a nylon-spandex blend which helps wick away moisture.

3. Boogie Active Crop Leggings, $46, Vivre Activewear

Stand out with these bold printed polyester-spandex leggings. Keep the colour of your top neutral.

4. Exquisite Tank, $98, Lululemon Athletica

Cut-outs add an interesting accent to this strappy top.

5. Vie Active Matching Top And Leggings, $85 and $125 respectively, CruCycle

There is no better way to make a style statement than to don a matching top and leggings set. This one is made of a sweat-resistant polyester-spandex material.

Images: Crucycle, Touch The Toes, Fitflywear, Vivre Activewear, Lululemon Athletica

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