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We love mixing and matching our wardrobe, especially now that we’ve updated our basics for 2017. That said, the temperature in Singapore is set to rise the closer we get to the middle of the year. Figuring out how to layer our favourite pieces may get a little tough, so here are a few quick tips to make your life a little easier (not to mention cooler).


Layer for important meetings

When trying to project presence, rocking appropriate clothing is half the battle won. You need to command attention during presentations and meetings, especially when interacting with your superiors in the workplace. Bold colours and strong lines are advisable in these situations – layering a long sleeveless coat over semi-formal palazzo pants is wonderful for this purpose. Rather than let everything hang loose, grab a belt to cinch everything together at the waist so as to accentuate your figure. Nothing says “I put in effort” better than a well put-together outfit!


Layer for the office

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Everyone wears basic blouses to work and that’s well and good, but it’s never a bad thing to stand out from the everyday crowd. Tunics are must-have summer pieces for optimal comfort, but can appear somewhat boring when worn on their own. Throw on dark leggings under your tunic and pop on some work-appropriate heels for a complete and cohesive office ensemble.

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Layer for cocktails

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Jumpsuits will always look good, whether worn as casual off-duty wear or for the office. Plus, they don’t really require much thought. However, if you want to look like you put some effort into your outfit, layer your jumpsuit over a light crop top. Do ensure that the colours are complementary, and try mixing and matching fabrics for some textural contrast. Dress it up with a matching pair of high heeled pumps and you’ll be all set to paint the town red!


Layer for town

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Our style game must be on point whenever we head to the CBD or Orchard Road, because who knows who we might bump into, right? While we don’t have to be wearing couture, no one wants to look like a slob amidst the hustle and bustle. Keep to the latest trends by pairing a flowy tulle skirt with a sports jacket, a combo which is all the rage right now. While parkas may be a tad too warm, lightweight track jackets and windbreakers are perfect to layer with in Singapore. Tulle skirts are also delightfully airy and offer a feminine touch to the sporty get-up.

Layer for sex appeal

It’s safe to say that ripped jeans aren’t as popular as they used to be, although practically everyone wears them every once in awhile. There’s a popular winter fashion hack that involves wearing nude stockings under your ripped jeans, but we want a stylish look for summer that doesn’t pile on additional heat. Go big or go home by layering your super ripped jeans over some sexy fishnet stockings to put a stylish spin on your old basics.


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