Photo: Arte Oro


The second of this three part series features the advice of Italian jeweller/gemstone specialist Danilo Giannoni, 47, who helps to give some clarity on picking gems and buying bespoke jewellery. Giannoni is now based in Singapore (he is married to a Singaporean) with Arte Oro, a bespoke jewellery atelier which he opened in February. He has worked with established brands like Bvlgari, Crivelli and Damiani, and also worked in Hong Kong for nine years. 

Always Ask for Ethically-sourced Stones

“Don’t support blood diamonds. And everyone should respect nature. We are now leveraging blockchain technology to track gemstones from mining to certification and after sales, so our clients know the origins of each stone and can be assured that it comes from sustainable sources. From 2020, Arte Oro will no longer purchase any stone that was not recorded from the day it was mined.”


Photo: Arte Oro


Choose Only the Stones You Love

It seems obvious enough, but sometimes people are swayed by others’ opinions or advice to pick something they like less. Your jewellery should complement you. So, the stones should always appeal to you the most. Then you won’t end up wearing a piece you don’t like. 

Clarity Over Size

The three factors for evaluating any stone are cut, clarity and colour. Choose the purest and most well-cut stones possible. Don’t buy stones with inclusions and defects, even if it means you have to sacrifice size. It’s better to buy a cleaner stone if the choice is between a smaller and cleaner one and a larger one with defects.


Photo: Arte Oro


Try a Different Method of Mounting

Be adventurous: Ask for semi-precious stones to be mounted upside down (also known as reverse setting) for a different and more modern look and texture. They can be used as accents around a main stone. “I showed a client pictures of a piece I’d done like that, and she requested for a similar one immediately.”


Photo: Arte Oro


Bespoke Jewellers Can Do More

“We can remake your old heirloom jewellery into personalised designs that are more modern and suit your personality. We can also help to restore, repair and resize jewellery.”




A version of this story first appeared in the November 2018 issue of Her World.