Lots of us wear glasses, and not always because we need them (hipsters, we’re looking at you), but it’s often hard to work out what styles actually suit our faces and make us look stylish rather than like we should still be in school.

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For Asian wearers of spectacles and sunglasses it’s often even more difficult since most popular brands are designed for caucasian face shapes ‒ the width of the “temples” or arms of the glasses will be too wide and the bridge (the bit that sits on your nose) will be too high, which leads to the dreaded lenses-sitting-on-cheeks phenomenon.

In the last couple of years however there has been a bit of a revolution in fit from “Asian Fit” glasses by Oakley to entire brands designed especially to fit Asian face shapes, like the aptly named Eyewear Envy and TC Charton, but fit isn’t everything; you also want your glasses to look good too.

So, here are some tips and suggestions on how to find the right glasses for you, glasses that will suit your face and make you look super cool as well.

STEP ONE: What’s your face shape?
There are basically five different face shapes that are used to base most style tips on ‒ heart, oval, oblong, round and square. If your hair is long pull it back from your face and then imagine the various shapes in your mind’s eye; which one best describes your face shape?

STEP TWO: What type of glasses’ frames suit what types of faces?


How to find the right glasses for your face shape HEART SHAPED FACEExamples of frames that suit heart-shaped faces includes these from Burberry (above top); Giorgio Armani (above) and Tory Burch (above right).

A heart-shaped faced is basically an upside-down triangle, so your forehead is wider than your chin. The best shapes of glasses’ frames are slightly rounded or oval and lighter materials like metal wire frames also suit a heart-shaped face. If the difference in width between your forehead and chin is pronounced try looking for a pair of frames that are actually wider on the bottom or look “heavier” by being done in a darker colour to balance out your face shape.


How to find the right glasses for your face shape OVAL SHAPED FACEExamples of frames that suit oval-shaped faces includes these from Miu Miu (above top); Emporio Armani (above) and Bruberry (above right).

The oval-shaped face is one of the best proportioned for glasses-wearing; the wider cheek-bones balanced out evenly by the forehead and chin being of similar widths means that just about all frames will look good on this face shape. If you want to make your face appear sharper then try frames more square in shape ‒ if they’re too round then your face might look fatter than it really is. You can also wear catseye-shaped frames to emphasise your cheekbones.


How to find the right glasses for your face shape OBLONG SHAPED FACEExamples of frames that suit oblong-shaped faces includes these from Prada.

The difference between an oval-shaped face and an oblong-shaped one is that it generally the same width all over; longer than it is wide. Oblong-shaped faces look great in large frames ‒ both square and round are good ‒ that are deeper than they are wide. You can also pile on the bling or wear interesting shapes to help break-up the long lines of your face.


How to find the right glasses for your face shape ROUND SHAPED FACE
Examples of frames that suit round-shaped faces includes these from Emporio Armani (above top), Burberry (above right) and Prada (above bottom).

If you face is basically the same size in both width and length then you have a round-shaped face; you’re also more likely to have full cheeks so do the opposite with your glasses’ frames ‒ stay away from round-shaped frames, go for sharp angles and square-shaped lenses. Make sure the lense shape is wider than it is deep ‒ rectangles are good ‒ and dark or bright colours are good too as they add definition to the cheeks and make people focus on your eyes.


How to find the right glasses for your face shape SQUARE SHAPED FACE
Examples of frames that suit square-shaped faces includes these from Prada (above top); Burberry (above right) and Shanghai Tang (above bottom).

Although the square-shaped face is similar to the round in that the width and length is basically the same; the difference is that square faces are all angles with little or no “roundness” or softness in the cheeks and jawline. Half-glasses or those with a top frame and “frameless lenses” look great on square-shaped faces if you want to make your jaw look smaller. You can also try completely “frameless” styles or those made of transparent materials; but try to get a frame that is wider than the widest part of your face so that your face looks smaller than it really is. And stay away from the obvious, really square or boxy frames will just make your face look like it’s made of lego.

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