I’ve got a confession to make, I often daydream about the MTV Cribs episode where Mariah Carey shows the camera crew around her house and opens the door to her equivalent of a walk-in wardrobe. Being Mariah, it is obviously no normal walk-in. We’re talking acres of what appears to be white marble flooring, and row upon row of shiny things that would make a magpie like myself want to move in permanently.The whole concept of a walk-in wardrobe is a luxury, never mind having a veritable boutique as your closet space.


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Alas, unfortunately the majority of us do not possess a wardrobe to rival Mariah’s, and so organising our clothes becomes a bit of an ongoing struggle, the fact that there are full-time jobs available for personal closet coaches says it all! Our handy guide shows you by item and fabric which pieces are hanging musts and which pieces can go on the fold pile. Just some little tips to make organising your wardrobe much easier!


Blazers & sleeveless vests: Hang these on a sturdy suit hanger for best maintenance.

Dresses: Lightweight dresses should always be hung using the (rather pesky) inner loops that are provided in most pieces. Silk and satin dresses should be hung on a padded hanger to avoid snagging.

Trousers & suit pants: Hang these on clip hangers via the waistband or fold them in half and thread them through the hanger, durable wooden hangers work best for heavier items.

Skirts: Use clip hangers or the provided loops to hang these up.

Button up shirts: Ensure all your blouses and shirts have the top button done up to keep your collars looking sharp. Linen and 100% cotton items crease easily, so always make sure these are hung up.


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T-shirts: Tees actually get stretched out if you hang them, so make sure to get folding with these!

Embellished evening wear: Anything beaded or with intricate workmanship such as gowns or even glamorous tops should be folded between layers of tissue paper. If hung, the heavy embellishment can cause the garment to lose shape.

Jeans & casual pants: Tough fabrics like denim, especially in jeans form, can withstand folding without terrible creasing. Note that the same doesn’t apply for items such as denim dresses or skirts, where the folding may cause unwanted wrinkles.

Bras & panties: Your everyday underwear and bras can be folded up in a drawer to save space.


Stack or line up folded items next to each by type in order to best be able to easily pick an item when you’re getting ready. For example, with jeans, order by style, one pile for skinny, one for boyfriend and one for flares.

Top tip: Don’t keep your dry cleaning in its plastic wrapping as it will trap in the chemicals used, instead let it hang freely or put it inside a proper garment bag!

Need to get creases out of folded items but are found without an iron? See our how-to on getting rid of wrinkles without using an iron here.