At this point in your life, you’ve probably amassed a drawer (or maybe even more) full of shorts because of our hot humid weather here in Singapore. Shorts are a staple of any weekend outfit; can you imagine life in on our sunny island without these babies? For the lucky people who have a relaxed dress code at work, I am sure you wear them to the office too!

However, do you know if you are selecting the correct type of shorts for your body type? This wardrobe essential is designed in many styles, fabrics, prints and colors and it is a little tricky to find a suitable one that plays up your best features (and minimises your less-than-ideal ones).

But don’t fret, we are always here to help! Discover your body shape here in just 2 easy steps and read on for all the pointers you need to choose the shorts that are best suited for your figure and silhouette.

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1. Rectangle 
I am starting with one of the easiest body shapes to dress, so if you fall into this category, congrats! You generally don’t have any problematic areas (read: big hips paired with tiny top or vice versa) so there’s not much to balance out. Your main concern would probably the lack of definition at the waist and you might feel that your body shape is on the masculine side. 

What you need:
Any shorts with details that add texture and dimension to your straight frame. Look out for details like embroidery, embellishments, gathered waistbands. If you want to add volume, try bubble shorts, shorts with a belt, front pockets, or pleats. A-line shorts that are high waisted can help to create an hourglass figure. 

What you should avoid: 
Plain and baggy styles. They will make your boyish figure look dumpy and shapeless. 

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2. Inverted triangle
Your start broad from your shoulders and narrow down in the legs. The key issue that you are struggling with would be your broad shoulders and a full bosom that seems to get in the way of many stylish blouses. But remember, you have great legs and they deserve to take the spotlight. 

What you need:
Focus on showing your lower limbs off and draw the attention away from your midsection. Go ahead, shorts shorts were made for you! You will look best in fitted shorts with a wide waistband. It helps draw eyes to your legs while giving an appearance of a smaller and defined waistline. You can also balance out your proportions with a cuff hem. 

What you should avoid: 
Shorts that cut low at the waist. It can potentially create an unwanted ‘muffin top’ and draw more attention to your midsection.

We recommend: Viscose shorts, $69.90 from Zara

3. Triangle
You sport curvaceous bottom half, characterised by bigger bottom, wider hips, and fuller thighs. I know you ladies face quite a few issues with finding the right pair of shorts because you feel like shorts highlight your “problematic” areas. The good news? You are in the category that the majority of women fall into! That means it’s really easy to purchase styles that suit you because retailers know that this is where the money is. 

What you need:
To accommodate full thighs, an A-line cut is the ideal option. This style starts with a fitted waist and gradually widens toward the hem. It downplays your hips while gracefully skimming your thighs and bottom. 

What you should avoid: 
Any sort of detailing for example, pockets  that line up with the side seams or flamboyant colours or prints. Keep the details for your upper torso so that you attract attention upwards. 

We recommend: Polyester shorts, $48.50 from ASOS

4. Hourglass
Most woman would be happy to have an hourglass body, so rejoice if you are one of them! You have a bust and hips that are well balanced with a defined waist to boot. With this shape, it is quite easy to get dressed. You should go for styles that can accentuate your proportional body figure by using your waist as a focal point.

What you need:
High waisted styles and shorts with contoured or wide tab waistbands are your best bets as they draw attention to the narrowest part of your body. 

What you should avoid: 
Shorts that have a very boxy, straight cut silhouette. They hide your womanly curves and downplay your best assets.