How to apply eyeliner on your waterline like Jeanette Aw  Carrie Wong THUMB

Eyeliner enthusiasts, want to dial up the drama without waiving wearability? Then make like local leading ladies Jeanette Aw or Carrie Wong and get your punk princess on with a sexy sooty swoosh. 

A gleaming black outline on the inner rim of your upper and lower lids adds an alluring “rich girl” gloss to your entire ensemble, and is embarrassingly easy to execute, too. The only swag you need on standby? Just two: Your go-to black gel eyeliner and a powder eyeshadow in a similar shade. Quick note on picking your products: Selecting a liner with good glide is absolutely essential for waterlining – you don’t want painful tugging along this delicate area of your eye. 

Ready and raring to give it a go? Here’s how:

Step 1. As if you were inserting contact lens, use your ring finger to apply the gentlest of pressure to your upper lid. This prodding will cause your upper waterline to protrude ever so slightly for easier application; repeat for your lower lids as well.

Step 2. Starting from the inner corner and using a decisive hand, deftly trace a whisper-thin line around the contours of your lower waterline, then blink rapidly to transfer some of the pigment to your upper waterline. This blinking creates a diffused “halo effect” that’s very flirty and feminine indeed; think the look sported by major #makeupinspo of the moment Carrie Wong, for instance. 

Step 3. When you’re done, give your eyes another once-over with your liner, this time using a windshield wiping motion to tidy things up so there are no visible breaks in the line. Easy-peasy!

Step 4. Want well nigh indestructible results? Grab an angled brush – I love Laura Mercier’s fabulous Flat Eye Liner Brush – and set with a deft dusting of shadow in a complementary colour from say, Urban Decay’s nifty Naked Smoky palette (go with black-on-black or blue-on-black, for instance). The chief culprit of a fleeting flick is excess sebum on your eyelids, so this extra eyeshadow step is analogous to applying a mattifying loose face powder after foundation. 

And you’re done! Here’s to keeping your flick “on fleek” and looking like a Singapore superstar. Cheers!

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