Photo: H&M

Let us all imagine for a moment. You’re walking along the beach and you find water bottles, plastic bags and other litter along the shoreline. Not a pretty sight, eh? Thanks to H&M, we may be seeing less of the shoreline waste.

The fashion label is introducing its latest ‘Conscious Exclusive’ collection come April 20. As the name suggests, this collection is part of H&M’s on-going sustainability work which aims to inform the public on how important it is to be aware of our actions.

“For the design team at H&M, this year’s Conscious Exclusive is a chance to dream and create pieces that are both quirky and beautiful,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Head of Design and Creative Director at H&M.

 Bionic pleated gown, $399 by H&M

One of the most stunning pieces from the Conscious Exclusive collection is none other than the powder pink pleated gown (see above). Who would have thought that plastic bottles abandoned by our fellow human beings could transform into such a beautiful dress?

This collection features a pioneering sustainable material named Bionic, which is essentially made from plastics that are collected and recycled from shorelines. “It’s great to be able to show just what is possible with sustainable materials like what we have done with the delicate plissé dress made of Bionic,” adds Wohlfahrt.

And to make it even more fabulous, H&M has chosen supermodel Natalia Vodianova to model it. This is also Vodianova’s first H&M campaign.

“I am proud to appear in the H&M Conscious Exclusive campaign,” says Vodianova. “It’s amazing to see the advances in sustainable fabrics that are used in the collection, pointing towards a more sustainable future for all fashion.”

Photo: H&M

Besides H&M, there are also other fashion brands in Singapore that are equally conscious of our environment. Here are three to shop at:

1. Zhai

Zhai designs their own pieces using natural fibres such as bamboo, linen and eucalyptus. Organic bamboo fibre, in particular, doesn’t irritate the skin and it’s soft enough to be worn by babies too.

For more information, click here.

2. Touch The Toes

If you’re looking for eco-friendly sportswear for your yoga lessons, look no further. Touch The Toes carries a range of workout apparels and casual outfits for men and women. Yoga enthusiasts will also be glad to find that its e-store also carries yoga accessories such as mats, straps and foam blocks.

For more information, click here.

3. Matter

Homegrown brand Matter specialises in blockprints and it focuses on clothings that are biodegradable. That means unlike our usual clothes, the scarves, jumpers and pants from Matter do not take up as much space when they’re disposed away. Co-founder Ho Renyung also uses non-toxic dyes for the garments, which are less harmful for our environment.

For more information, click here.

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